Friday, November 17, 2006

This Oven is Not For Me

Angeethi is a restaurant famous for its North Indian food in Bangalore. I got good food reviews about this restaurant from a couple of friends. Thats why when the time came to go for a team lunch, I decided to go for this place. I called them up and made a reservation for 12 people on a Friday afternoon at 12 pm.

Now you know what Bangalore traffic is like. We started for this place and by an unfortunate quirk of fate ( read traffic jam ) we reached Angeethi at 12:45 pm. And there was this big hulk standing in the lobby informing me of the pleasure he felt when he decided to unilaterally cancel our reservation, since they had a policy of waiting only for 15 minutes. He also was kind enough to give me a lecture on the advantages of punctuality.

Before you dear readers come down with your moral sledgehammer on me , let me give my point of view. I accept that reaching 45 minutes late was inexcusable ( even by India's allowed slack time standards this was a bit extreme ). But I was not informed of the "15 minutes" policy when I made the booking, nor did they have the common decency of informing me when they decided to cancel. Now this is a bit hard to stomach. To reach this place , we had to walk 15 minutes after getting down from our vehicle near Brigade Road. This being a Friday afternoon , we could not reasonably expect to find a place in any other good restaurant. ( That we were able to get seats in Ebony is beside the point ).

For those of you aware of my short tempered side, it would seem inexplicable that I left the place without punching that d***head on the nose ( excuse the language ) .The thought did cross my mind, I assure you. The only thing that saved him was his six foot frame and a chest to match. Only an Evander Holyfield can take panga with Mike Tyson - or so I consoled my grieving heart.

The Angeethi guys might be better cooks than me , but I sure can teach them some manners.

Let the hate mail pour in.


Chitra Shenoy said...

Hey the restaurant people in Bangalore throw too much of weight around as there is never dearth of customers.Its like if you dont come, there is somebody else waiting.

I have been to angeethi and have seen people standing in queue to have the buffet.May be thats why they acted smart.

I frankly think it is rude on their part to cancel the resrvation without even consulting you.What if you had arrived at the 17th minute.They cant penalise you for a 2 minute delay right.

Anurag said...

hmmm.....being late is something i personally can never forgive myself of....but then that is my set of standards for myself
the restaurant was wrong to not inform u during reservation that 15 minutes the deadline....
n i think u shld have taken on the mike might have left u with a couple of bruises....but also a lot of satisfaction (why am i giving u this advice...coz it would have left the bystanders with a lot lot more satisfaction.... :o)....nothing like a muft ki ladai :o) )

Sachin R K said...

Thanks Chitra...I was expecting a moral tongue lashing ;)

Anurag...I usually *am* punctual. This was just one of those ( certainly not once in a blue moon but still relatively rare , I hope ) instances.