Thursday, November 23, 2006

Conversation with an Optimist

Optimist He : Hey , are you going for the Office Dance?
Realist She : Of course, wouldnt miss it for the world.
He : Cool . You can be my date then.
She : Oops sorry. Iam going with Vasu.
He : Vasu? What do you want to go with that idiot for?
She : Well for starters , he *is* my husband
He : Thats my point. You are with the guy all day. Give a poor bloke a break.
She : Hmmmmm
He : So is that a date or is that a date?
She : Take a Wild Guess.
He: Great. Your place at 8 then.


silverine said...

"your place at 8 then"
Eternal optimist he is :)

Sachin R K said...

Hope springs eternal in the male (?) breast :P