Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sachin Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?

I hold myself to be a very liberal person - I can take any kind of criticism ( I usually give as good as I get ). What I dont like is anonymous comments which ridicule others on my blog. One rotten comment can spoil the whole blog atmosphere.
Most of the people who comment on this blog are those who I do not know personally ( my personal friends usually let me know their opinions on the post through emails. The more tolerant of these start with eda , poda , thendi etc )

I dont mind any such. More are welcome. Only condition - they are directed at me or my post. What I wont accept is the cloak of anonymity being used to make degrading remarks of a personal nature.

And so I have decided to go in for comment moderation.

What is acceptable:
Any criticism as long as its not personal ( and believe me , I give a whole lot of leeway here eg "Your blog sucks" *will* get posted).

What is NOT acceptable:
Comments of a personal nature, lewd/degrading remarks, sweeping statements about race/religion etc . You get the idea.


Kirthi said...

are u a writer?? or what do u do?? nice way to express how u feel about the way people write about ur blogs!!

Sachin R K said...

@kirthi - Really , you are too kind. Iam just a pavam IT guy.

silverine said...

I know the feeling, just been thru it all. No one is using my blog to stifle my right to free speech or to besmirch anyone either.

Good work!! Lets keep our blogs clean.