Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Tryst with Vegetarianism

And now Ladies and Gentlemen - for the good news. I have become vegetarian. Yes , you heard it ( rather , read it ) right the first time. No more meat , eggs or fish for me. ( Unlike some people I know who consider egg to belong to the veggie class, heh heh , you know who I am talking about ). No Sir, no half measures for me, me going the whole hog ( Aiyyo, that word had me drooling over visions of steaming hot pork fry ).

And before the smart asses among you snigger about Hare Rama Hare Krishna or new found love for my fellow Earthlings or road to salvation etc, let me tell you it was nothing romantic like that. Iam on a course of Ayurvedic medicines. And any fool will tell you ( I didnt know BTW ) that ayurvedic medicines and non-veg food are a strict no-no. The price one pays for ignorance. Now I find myself cut off from nonveg for one month.

Now in my house, my mother is the menu decider. So it seemed only correct that I inform her of this momentous decision.

The conversation went something like this
Me : Mother , Iam taking ayurvedic medicines for a month, so only veg food for me during that period.
Mother : What a pity. We are having chicken curry tonight.
Me : Ohhhhhhh.
Mother : Dont you worry. I will prepare some nice rasam for you
Me: No no. Dont go to all that trouble. Anyway, better not to take such decisions after sundown. I will start my medicines course from tomorrow.

Next day , there was no other option than to bid goodbye to the chicken legs, the mutton chops , the fish fries , the chilly beefs ( Control Sachin control , you are drooling again ) etc etc. And that as they say, was that.

Whats the big deal , you ask? I will tell you what the big deal is. I have now been on this diet for two whole days ( no less ) and its truly seemed an age. And its even more tortuous when I watch my friends digging into the chicken kabab and chilly chicken and me staring down on my plate desperately trying to protect my eyes from this nauseating vision ( wondering all the while how the hell do I keep the crunching sound out of my ears), and what do I find on my plate? - a couple of drumsticks and some potatoes looking up at me trying to look their comforting best.

Come to think of it, this torture doesnt have to last one whole month. Just increase the arishtam intake from three spoons to five and the kashayam from two to four. Dont think kashayam ( yuck!!) will cooperate though :(.

p.s : I have been reliably informed by two experts that the consumption of alcoholic drinks and ayurvedic medicines is mutually compatible. Only issue is that the area of expertise of these experts is drinking. Any independent confirmation will earn the undying gratitude of a thirsty throat.


silverine said...

moi phursht!! :p

he he that was really funny. If it is any consolation, my Dad says that alochol and kashayams mix very well. And he would take them religiously every night whether he was sick or not :))

Ganja Turtle said...

LOL! tks for dropping by... I almost like the tag "Attempt at humour" better than the post! ;-)

Scribbles said...

:) LOL..
Am trying to cut down my chicken intake :) so started reading the post thinking that it wud be an inspiring one...
Good one...

Sachin R K said...

@silverine - whew thats a relief. Got a lunch tomorrow ;)

@ganja turtle - First comment I got on the Tag. Much appreciated :)

@scribbles - No inspiration here. That sound you hear is my wretched stomach crying out :(

Kirthi said...

oh thank u for reading through my scribbling!! was going through ur blogs u write well... just that almost every one seems to be dying :-)

well written!!

redwaterstew said...

why wait for independent validation on drink and kashayam. Lets experiment this friday at the hole. I can assure that it is not fatal.

and then
sharab cheeu hi aisi hai
na chodi jayea

Sachin R K said...

@kirthi - Thats population control Sachin ishtyle ;)

@redwaterstew - Having a test dose at lunch tomorrow . Lets see how it goes :)

Panther said...

I can see below that "Comment moderation has been enabled" ..What happ? Are we dealing with any controversial topic here ? Anyway forgot to mention that its a nice post.Also we would like to host you sometime this month itself.

Sachin R K said...

@panther - If all were as gentlemanly as you, there would never be any need of moderation. But there are some bleepers ( oops, think that got censored ) who think nothing of washing their dirty clothes in public. I have no problems as long as they do not use my laundry er blog.

Anonymous said...

There is no harm taking beer when U are on Kashayam. Today I saw one of friends doing the same.

Krishnakumar said...

Don't believe that 'reliable sources' ;) You are NOT supposed to mix beer with your kashaayam ;)