Thursday, November 16, 2006

An Offering To the Gods ( Vol 2 )

When Fate frowns at me , shows me the lows
Then I start counting my blessings
I reach her, stop , my cup of joy overflows
Free from despair, my heart sings

If I had the chance, for but one desire
It would be to watch over her as she sleeps,
So gentle , so delicate , so fragile
Drink in the sweet breath she exhales

The Fates have only happiness written in her account
Thats the promise I make myself every night
Just one thing I ask for in return
That she be with me in the dark, hold me till the light

When I feel I just cant take it any more
She beckons me close, holds me in her arms
Burying my face in her hair,holding her tight
She is the Only one I will ever need

Hold her soft face in my warm hands
Give my very life , to remove a crease from her brow
Having found her ,Nothing more I ask for from Life
Would go to the ends of the earth, to rid her sorrow

How could Fate have given me so much happiness
I have got more than my fair share
Taking her for myself, Will the deities be upset , the poor sods
For her name is Anjali, which means 'An Offering to the Gods'

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