Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Did You Hear?

Think everyday I will unburden my heart
Bare to you my deepest secret
I see you and struggle for words
Did you hear what I left unsaid

A picture is worth a thousand words
What use for words when eyes doth speak
Not strong enough to call a spade a spade
Did you hear what I left unsaid

I catch your eye every once in a while
Do not know if I should smile
Or turn away blushing , still my heart craved
Did you hear what I left unsaid

I know I deserve you not, still desire
So lovely , so graceful, moulded by what fire
Silent my mouth, loud my heart cried
Did you hear what I left unsaid


reetuashwin said...

Hi , A Nice Poem.. Repetion of "Did you hear what I left unsaid" is the highlight which stresses the point.


p.s: I just stepped unto ur blog..
The poem link looks enriching to me..
btw , are u the one who has commented on mine?

Sachin R K said...

Right first time :)))

reetuashwin said...

What does it mean?

"Right first time"?

Sachin R K said...

It means you guessed right :)

Same Sachin. I have been found out :(

reetuashwin said...

A city on a hill cannot be hid...

same applies a Blog in Net.. ;)

p.s: i never searched.. ijust put my feet on ,at the right place..