Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Different Perspectives

Rahul swore softly under his breath. The swirling waters of the Ganga flowing down below seemed to be holding a sort of magnetic attraction for him. Pity it had to end this way. But there was no other option. He had tried his best. The past few weeks had been a torture - wearing a smiling face so none would suspect, all the while his heart tearing apart with grief. In a sense, it was almost a relief that it was going to end today. If he had the chance, would he have chosen differently. Irritably , he shook his head , almost as if to clear away all these useless thoughts.For all that
was beside the point now. He had laid his bed and must lie down on it. He truly had just one genuine regret. That he and Sandhya would never be together. He smiled bitterly. To think the one person for whose happiness, he would lay down his life was suffering because of him was what hurt him most. "Till Death Do Us Part" - how many times had he enacted that scene in his mind's eye, his right hand holding a blushing Sandhya. The time for parting had truly come - except could you call it a parting when they had never been joined in the first instance.

Rahul had left a letter in his father's jacket pocket. A simple note , really. No flowery speeches, just one word. Sorry. He had read somewhere that your life flashes before your eyes during the last few moments before you meet death.Was it true? Well , time to find out. Gritting his teeth tightly , he took the plunge. Strangely enough, there were no flashbacks, just one burning thought , "Sandhya, may you always be happy".

(Let us now scan the thoughts of those Rahul held to be his near and dear ones while he lived.)

Priya , the 8 year old neighbour: Why doesnt Rahul uncle come? And whats all that crying noise, coming from Rahul uncle's house. Why is vellyamma crying so loudly? Mother is also looking so serious. Let Rahul uncle come. He will explain everything , in his kindly tone. He is the only one who does not treat me like a young child, incapable of understanding anything.

Suchitra, Priya's mother: Such a Kind chap, always willing to help out. Really , such a tragedy. Was it something to do with that girl, now what was her name , Sandhya? One hears all sorts of rumours nowadays, musnt give ear to all that one hears. But if not Sandhya, why did the poor boy do this? Whats the time now? Oh nearly eight. Must go soon , otherwise hubby dear will be back from office and no dinner. Will someone notice if I slip out now?

Kishore, Rahul's childhood friend: Really what possessed him to do this. and not giving me a hint. True , he felt that way about Sandhya, but really this. And will his death solve any of Sandhya's problems. Would he have mentioned anything about the 3 lakhs he lent me to his parents? Should I give it to them? Let them ask first.

The Father: My son, why did you do this? If I had but one inkling that this was what you had in your mind when you said this morning "It will be alright, Father". I would have accepted Sandhya as my daughter-in-law and never mind what anyone said. Cursed indeed am I that I have to attend my own son's funeral.

Sandhya: Poor Rahul, suffering so much because of me. And wearing that brave face of his when is he with me , as if I cant make out his anguish. Fie on me that I can live, knowing my lover is suffering. Tomorrow, he will get the letter I posted today and he can start a new life. You will despair at first , my lover , but understand it is all for the best. Let me take this poison and die, that my lover may live.

Epilogue: Rahul's body washed ashore on the third day. "Moonam Pakkam", murmured the old fisherman.


Panther said...

Why do you hate Rahul so much ? wants to kill him in every story you write ..

Sachin R K said...

Panther...character in earlier story was Rohit :P

Panther said...

I am sorry ..mistake on my part

Sachin R K said...

Doesnt make mych difference. Both are dead anyway ;)

Panther said...

Yep. getting some pattern here ..R* loves S* and suicide and you begin from there...Wonder when my name will drag into it :-)

redwaterstew said...

athea ee premathinu veendi suicide ekkea oru pazhya edavadallea