Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fallen Angel

I respected you for your honest opinions, knowledge of topics vast
set you up on a pedestal so high, should have known twas too good to last
Am now faced with a hard choice, to choose between my principles and emotions
Did God feel thus when he cast down Lucifer from the heavens

I would have gladly accepted a plain face with a kind heart
Instead Fate gave me a poisonous tongue, from its blows my eyes did smart
A hideous heart hiding behind a smiling face, took me long to know
I lost a friend, my country lost a patriot, why it had to be so

Tis easy to be a fanatic, for someone's blood babble
Much harder to raise your voice, be heard over the murderous rabble
For the mob sees every one with its coloured vision
Brother kills brother, blinded by religious division

How does one turn out like this, join hands with infamy
Peer pressure , the company you keep, the excuses are many
The time to choose is now, let reason clear your vision cloudy
You can still turn back ,your hands are not yet bloody

Forget not the innocent millions in your search for a hated few
What person with hatred in his heart can admire the morning dew
One person can make a difference and every man should try
Lets work for the day when every eye in this country will be dry


b v n said... this is your space ! pretty prolific blogging here :)

btw nice post !

abhishek said...

you write so passionately, hard to imagine you have not felt this personally. Are you referring to someone in real life?

Sachin R K said...

bvn ....Thanks

abhishek.... In the case of this particular post , yes