Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Met A Blind Man Once

I met a Blind Man once, afflicted with the loss since he was born
He was tapping his cane on the pavement, walking all alone
A wave of pity rose in me, rage at a Fate so unfair
That one should be denied the pleasure of seeing things fair

I met a Blind Man once, we spent a nice long time chatting
I spoke to him of sights wondrous, which he must be missing
the green fields, the blue skies, the breaking of the sun's light
how does one explain the concept of colour to one with no sight

I met a Blind Man once, I found him very happy, to my surprise,
He told me of why he was grateful, for the simple joys of Life
for the warmth of the sun on his cheeks, a baby's sweet clear laughter
the sweet singing of the birds, the twinkling sound of rushing water

I met a Blind Man once, not once did he complain
He was busy counting his blessings, no time to feel pain
What a change it was from the usual complaints I heard
the backbiting, the gossip that we at office shared

I met a Blind Man once , so peaceful he was amidst the strife,
He showed me all that had been missing in my life
Lost in my daily routine between home and office
I never knew I had been missing such joys

I met a Blind man once , he brought about a change not slight
He taught me "seeing" is much much more than mere sight
I met a Blind Man once, he was one of the rare happy few
Looking back, I wonder who was the more blind of the two.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Swansong of a Loser

I look back and have nothing to call my own
Nothing to show , nothing to mark my time here
The hand was won,the finishing line was so close
Waste not your precious tears on a loser's loss

I feel the darkness closing in on me, no hope to spare
Reach out blindly for the bottle , drive out the despair
Know this is no solution ,but the time's over to make a stand
Numbing my mind's still better than dying by mine own hand

Think not of me too harshly, my darling, I love you still
I gave my best, just wasnt bold enough to fit the bill
I just wish I had the courage to speak out,make you mine
I know I have lost you ,only wish to hold you one more time

To the one who meant to me the most, only this I have to say
The curtain is coming down, for this life was just a play
Not your fault you never did realize, I played what part
My laughter was just to drown out my loud ,sobbing heart

I made light of your fears, the price I pay now is just
Never realized the hurt I was causing you, Iam indeed accursed
I love you baby, only never could tell you in so many words
These words you read , are that of a loser signing off

Friday, February 16, 2007

An Evening With The Gods

So there I was , sitting in the park one dusky evening
When who should come along , but the Three Greats beaming
Vishnu was the first, then Shiva , Another One of the Holy Trinity
Brahma came last with his four heads,though I could see just three

I got up from the bench, greeted them with hands folded
They stopped in surprise - though they be Gods - were jolted
Vishnu asked, "Why do you greet us in this fashion, O Stranger"
I said, "How can I remain seated in such holy company, my Father"

Shiva said, "You must be wise indeed to recognize us, Vatsa"
I replied , "In truth, my Lords it was easy, needed but little chutzpah
You O Shiva with the snake around the neck, Vishnu with his chakra and mace
And you O Brahma, with the multiple heads were the easiest to place"

Brahma smiled and said, "It is well indeed that we meet one so wise,
Perhaps he can solve our problem, which does vex us day and night
Listen to me carefully , for I speak softly and speak but once
Among the Three , tell us who is The Greatest , who the Dunce"

I spoke ( hands still folded ), in tones plaintively
"If it be Chhoti Munh Badi Baat* do forgive me
But if I must judge, tell me what qualifies each of you best
Alphabetically Brahma, you go the first , before the rest"

Brahma spoke up, all three pairs of lips moving in sync back and forth
( Because he was facing me , I still could not see the fourth)
"Iam the Creator, the Giver of Life, from me the Vedas sprung
Who can doubt my Greatness, for I gave Man Wisdom and spunk"

Scarcely had He stopped, than Shiva grabbed the imaginary mike
I stepped back, for his snake was swirling like a wind tossed kite
"I Destroy all evil, put even Indra, King of the Gods in his place
And if you doubt me, I will open mine Third Eye, clear your haze"

Not to be outdone, Vishnu continued from where Shiva left off
"This my Sudarshana chakra can cut the wicked, while they do laugh
Vettu onnu muri randu as the saying goes in Kerala land
Meaning 'One Cut Two Wounds' , transalated for the Malayalam challenged"

I listened to the Divine voices enthralled, the time for judgement was nigh
"Truth be told , you are all neck and neck( no pun intended , Brahma Sire)
Why this childish competition, O Wise Ones, of Who be the Master
Who can compare Fire and Water, or the Earth for that matter."

Listening to this, Maha Vishnu's lips parted in a smile
(Though for Brahma and Shiva to catch on , it took a while )
"My dear Narada, I would have recognized you anywhere
Let us return to Heaven, for long we have missed you sore"

*Small Mouth Big Talk

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To My Valentine

The Concept of Love at First Sight
Was something I mocked Day and Night
Tis was something shallow to the core
Like watching a play ,shouting 'Once More'

And then I saw Her, and knew at once
I had been wrong, nothing more than a dunce
She had the eyes of a deer, an angelic smile
To make Her mine, would have walked many a mile

A gentle voice reminded me , whispered in my ear
I was promised to One, She betrothed to another
Judge me not , my friends, I am faithful to Mine
Still, who couldnt have looked at her in wonder, but a swine

You are my Valentine, you know who you are
Accept me now ,or leave on my heart a scar
I know you have my number, a missed call will suffice
Know this,am waiting for your call, this of all nights

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Messenger From God

Its Sunday morning and Iam lolling around the bed in my friends' place. I usually am at my friends' place on weekends. Waking up at 10:30 and daydreaming in bed because you know its Sunday - as close to Nirvana as us lesser mortals can get.

Tringgg . The sound of the doorbell rudely interrupts me. Must be the house maid. I unwillingly pull myself up because my friends have not yet woken up, the lazy buggers. I go and open the door.

"Good Morning Sir", says this smart looking chap, carrying a book in his hands.

"Good Morning", I reply.

"Sir, can you spare me 5 minutes?".

Sure buddy all the time in the world for you, today Iam at peace with the world.

"Sir, this is my sister".

There is a girl with him. I look closely. And more closely still.This guy is of the kaarvarnan, colour , popularised by our Lord Krishna, while she is much fairer. However three bottles of Haywards 5000 the previous night and going to sleep without dinner, have left me waking up in no mood to ponder the profound mysteries of Life. So I decide to let it pass.

"Sir,for five minutes reflect that God has given you the power to change something that you feel is wrong with the world. What would you choose?"

A no-brainer , really. Poverty leaps to my mind.

"The one thing I would like most to change in this world is the poverty. The sight of half clad children, without any clothes..." , I stopped. I had just realized that other than a flimsy pair of shorts, I wasnt wearing anything else.

"Can you give me one minute?" , I manage to mutter.

"sure Sir", my readily agreeable friend nods.

I hurriedly went in and put on a Tshirt. Came back.

"Sir, like you mentioned earlier, try imagining a world without poverty". I try my best to look like Iam trying to imagine.

"How do you feel , Sir"?

"Very Happy".

"Good, now I will show you a picture of how such a world will look like?"

That said he shows me a picture of some happy looking people. Iam bit disconcerted to find only laughing Caucasian blondes. So doesnt God have any plans for us pagan Indians, I think? But his next statement clears all my doubts.

"Sir, if you see carefully, even animals are happy, not only humans". Surely if even animals are going to be happy, not to worry about Indians, savages though they may be.

"And one more thing, Sir, in this happy world, there will be no wicked people". Bingo , that means most of my friends will not make it, but a small price to pay for The Happy World.

"Sir, if you are free next week, I will have a friend come over and speak to you in detail".

"Thats alright , but I dont live here".

"Sir , if you can give me your address , I will ask my friend to come over to your place".

Bzzz , went a warning buzzer in my head. During Deepavali, Hindus have a custom of lighting their houses, hoping to attract Goddess Lakshmi, who would bring riches and wealth. But surely this was different. No riches here, only happiness.

"Tell you what, I will be here next week. Ask your friend to come over next week".

And so I wait with bated breath for the next Divine Message.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Just Another Day At The Office

He looked at the clock. Just one more hour to go. Only 60 minutes left to make his decision. And it was not a simple decision. Millions rested on his words. He could not make another mistake, not at this stage in his career.

He had learned enough from his father. No, he was not perfect, he would be the first to admit that. He had made mistakes, but that was alright as long as he learned from them.And this time he was going to succeed. He knew in his heart of hearts that he would make the right decision - these deadlines seemed to bring out the best in him.

Knock Knock. There was someone at the door. "Who's there", he cried irritably. His aide looked in and said,"Sir, they are here". "Yes ,yes, Iam coming". The aide closed the door. Click.Somehow the sound of that click seemed to clear his thoughts. He knew what had to be done. His mind was made up. With firm steps, he made his way to the room they were all waiting in.

President George W Bush beamed into the television cameras."My fellow Americans",he said, "Tomorrow , we march into Iran".

Kim Jong-il ,Dictator of North Korea was listening in to the live broadcast on CNN. CNN was still beamed across to the Presidential Palace, just not accessible in the rest of the country. Someone needs to know the truth, Kim would always jokingly say. "Whew", he murmured to his Vice President, "that was close".

Stop Bathing Dude

Ever found yourself facing a date and no time to take bath. So you just sprayed on your favourite deodrant. Well, you just broke Rule No 1 of the Modern Day kamasutra.

For all those would-be lovers, never quite able to attract the fairer sex, heres some good news to attract their attention err nose. Read on.

Come to think of it, this is not just good news for all those jilted guys, but may also hold the key to solve water disputes like Cauvery, Mullaperiyar etc.

Food for Thought : Was this study sponsored by the Govt of Tamil Nadu?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Tendlya Ala Re

Silverine has recently commented on Tendlya in this post. Since the post was in direct response to India's win against West Indies in the last one dayer, we will try and take a look at Sachin Tendulkar's One Day record.

Tendlya Baiter : You know , whenever Tendulkar plays well, India loses. I almost pray that he doesnt do well nowadays.

Tendlya Fan : What have you been smoking , TB? 29 times that Tendulkar scored a century , India has gone on to win. In fact Tendulkar's average of 57.08 in matches India has won is way better than his average of 32.20 when India loses.

Tendlya Baiter : I grant you that , but most of his centuries seem to come against cricketing minnows.

Tendlya Fan : Must have my dictionary updated. Never knew they changed the definition of 'minnows'. He has scored the most number of centuries - 7 each - against Australia and Sri Lanka.

Tendlya Baiter : He is just too old, man. He should be dropped from the World Cup team.

Tendlya Fan : Now you are just talking through your hat. If you really think India has got five batsmen better than Tendlya, all I can say is,"Wake up dude".

Tendlya Baiter : I dont know , I just hate the little bugger. Iam off to Madagascar.

Tendlya Fan : Take care the sun doesnt touch your head, Wiseguy.Me, Iam off to where all the bright people are going - to the Carribean.