Sunday, November 19, 2006

Remembering Macha

Manjunath Shanmugham. ( 23/02/1978 - 19/11/2005)

IIM Lucknow graduate , IOC employee, killed for threatening to seal a petrol pump selling adulterated fuel.

He spoke out when he could have kept quiet.


Anonymous said...

Wonder no one has any comment on such an important blog,
First salute to him for showing the bravery and trying to fight against the system, May his soul reside in peace.
Coming on to the cause, it affects everyone's life in some or otherway, and the mafia is so strong that even media is frightened about them, thus there is no sting operation shown on TV.
Its really painful to see how un-ethical business these people do. And important thing is that everyone know about it, but no one dares to oppose it, even the political parties get hefty money as donations during election time, so they also don't utter a word.
And this battle can't be fought by one single individual, one has to be part of the system, with proper infulence.

Sachin R K said...

re the media coverage, there *was* a hidden camera operation ( by CNN IBN , I think ) about petrol siphoning off just outside the Mathura refinery. It did raise a bit of dust at the time. No follow up though.