Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Crush

Raghu looked at the bus. The driver had not yet climbed in. Still some more time before he bid goodbye to this city - he had spent the last one year of his life here . And what had he got in exchange? Some wonderful memories, that he could treasure for a lifetime. Might it have been different if he had shown some more courage? His mind wandered back to the beginning.

It was his first day in office. He was just getting accustomed to the newness of it all, when he had seen her. He had been struck dumb by her loveliness. She was not extraordinarily beautiful - but something about her face seemed to touch a chord in his heart. Was this what they called love at first sight?

Her name was Chandni. She sat in the next cubicle. The next two weeks were like heaven on earth. He used to catch her eye often, his mouth open in wonder when she laughed at something. She had noticed him staring at her several times - smiled sometimes as if in invitation to go and talk to her. But he had never quite mustered the courage. Raghu had never felt like this with any girl before. When Chandni appeared he got tongue tied, a sort of dim witted fool.

One month after he had joined, someone had told him the news. It was the office gossip. Chandni was married. It should have broken his heart. But strangely enough , it didnt. In fact , it didnt cool his ardour one bit. He still felt the same pure love for her. Everyday, he would search for her face as he entered office. All the while, in his heart of hearts he knew that there was only heartbreak in store for him.

And that was why he had finally decided to leave. For a strange land. Bidding goodbyes to the friends he had made and a silent farewell to the beloved who didnt know she had a lover.

Honk! Honk! The sound of the horn snapped Raghu out of his reverie. The driver was in his seat and had started the engine. The passengers were slowly getting on to the bus. Raghu took out his mobile and searched for Chandni's name in his phone book.He had her number - just never called her. Somehow, it had never seemed right. After all, she had never given him the number. But surely, this moment was different. Shouldnt he at least call her and say goodbye. He would have given his life at that moment to know if she cared. The moment passed. The decision had been made and now he had to stick to it.

It was better it ended this way.

"Sir, Are you waiting for someone"? , asked the conductor. "No, no one is coming", said Raghu as he got on to the bus.


Panther said...

Again a tragic end :-( Good that you did not kill the hero-Raghu- this time..But I rate this one below the other three posts in the same label.

Kirthi said...

enjoyed reading!! gud one :-)

Sachin R K said...

@panther - hmmm...actually the others that I wrote earlier were purely imaginative..I would like to imagine this one is more grounded in reality ( not necessarily mine :) )

@kirthi - What can I say ? You are very easy to please :)... Lucky to have you as a critic :)

Paddy said...

Very nice! :)

Thanks for the compliment too, on my blog...

silverine said...

Really beautiful!!

Sachin R K said...

@paddy - Thanks for visiting :)

@silverine - Charmed :)