Thursday, October 05, 2006

An Office Romance ( Vol 2 )

I fell in love the moment I first saw her
So lovely , so exquisite ,designed by what Power
Not greedy by nature , just one small desire
Watch her all day long , nothing else aspire

If her smile was this glorious, what about her laugh
Believe me when I say , "No idea boss, never got close enough"
She used to catch me often, stealing at her a glance
Did she understand or did she not, or just thought me a dunce

And then one day , a friend told me the terrible fact
To possess her , you must with the Devil make a pact
She is married, this guy went on
Light had come briefly , and now it was gone

Ever the optimist , my mind spoke up
What matters to you, be she married or broke up
Yours neither to own her , nor to hold and tremble
Yours but to idolise , like the priest in the temple

How do I tell her I love her more than power and pelf
What light cares about the moth that burns itself
Should I give her the address to this blog, do you think
For someone with her brains, a nod should be as good as a wink

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