Thursday, September 28, 2006

One Man's Drink ( dedicated to all Kudiyanmaar )

Tired from work I reach back home
The body is tired and numb is my dome
Looking for something to drive away the gloom
My fingers feel a bottle and lifes abloom

Caressing the bottle lovingly by the neck
I give it a kiss first and then a peck
My mind cries out , No drinks without Touchings
some mixture , some pickles, maybe chicken wings

Full of happiness , brimming with joy
Seeking an Outlet , Look , a wine cupboard ahoy
Enough to share , and still left to spare
Let me start and lay it bare

Wine makes no distinction of class or rank
It treats the same the King and the prank
Good wine inside him , the King does dance
No status to worry about , minds no one's glance

I love my drink but wouldnt force it on you
If you knew what you were missing , you would be drinking too
I know every man has his own reason
One man's drink is another man's poison


Nagaraj said...

Hey Sachin,

Really very good poem man,


Nagaraj Muttur

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... So you are booz'n everyday !!! Good poem!

Carry on...

Naushad said...


when did u start drinking ???
do u really drink or its just a poem ??


machambi said...

aaaameen !!