Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mohd Afzal Ki Jai

In the court of the Honble Supreme Court of India

Justice v/s Indian Secularism

Accused : Mohd Afzal

Crime accused of: Terrorist Attack on Indian Parliament, responsible for 5 deaths

Verdict : Guilty. To be hanged till Death

Extenuating Circumstances : Born a Muslim. Only 5 commoners died , Your Honours. No one from the ruling class ( read MPs ) was affected

Final verdict : Changed to Life imprisonment ( eligible for parole after 5 years ).

Reader comments: Thank you , Your excellencies, for making India a laughing stock through the Free World. Long live Indian Secularism. May his sacrifice ( 5 years of prime life ) inspire a thousand terrorists.

Stop Press : The review petition for clemency is currently before the President. Heres hoping common sense prevails.

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Chitra Shenoy said...

Sachin, do you expect anything else from a Gov which has vowed to minority appeasement.Some person was telling terrorist has no religion, but Afzals case proves otherwise.Leaving Afzal scot free is like inviting terrorists to attack people.
Clemency it seems..shameless people!!
Anyways simple post, but right point made.