Friday, October 06, 2006

Cry, My Beloved Country

While the world sleeps, India awakes to freedom
Three score years ago, these words heralded a new dawn
A freedom paid for by many sacrifices, purified by their blood
If those fighters could see us now, wouldnt they leave disgusted

One scoundrel says Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai
Another has his own way - Telugu Kannad UP ke bhai
As if this wasnt enough along came VP with his Mandal
No votes for them, they need a kiss from your sandal

In a country where a thousand mouths go to bed unfed
We still find the time to fight over statues of stone and wood
Religion was never meant to divide people, we know from the scripts
What hope left when power has corrupted the mullahs and the priests

The cancer of corruption has laid this country low
Everyone has only this to say , "Mujhe Mera Hissa do"
Too refined to soil his hands, "Chalta hai" says the gentry
What price his honour, he who betrays his country

Dont go to bed, hoping someone will clean this mess
Do we continue thus or do we change ,its all upto us
We fought the foreigners, time again to don the role of sentry
Time for another Revolution, this time to save our country

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