Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dont Play With My Future

"Dont Play With My Future" - I remember these words staring at me from a poster held by a protestor during Mandal I protests. The words had seemed to me very poignant then. For a few more votes, the politicians were ready to play with the very lives of an entire generation. Frustration used to boil in me at that time - rage at the politicians for doing something that was so plainly wrong and rage at myself that I was so small, so insignificant to make any difference.

Still there was a silver lining during those days . Once I got into college , who could control my destiny then. Agreed , Govt jobs were out of my reach , but private jobs were still to be decided strictly on merit.The world seemed at my feet then. Not any more. Not satisfied with the gravy train they have rolled out , the powers that be now want to introduce caste based reservations in the private sector.

How long do you think an Infosys or Wipro can compete in the IT world if hobbled by having to implement quotas? Not my position to say that those getting in through quotas are somehow inferior , but certainly a quota based selection as opposed to merit based selection has its handicaps. Some might argue that this move will lift some people at least from the quagmire of poverty. Certainly , but at what cost? In five years , Infosys and Wipro will have become history. Where will you find the jobs then?

During my time in US and Australia , people used to come upto me regularly and ask me why dont you settle abroad. I used to reply proudly , " Sorry bhaiyya, I need my country". Sadly , it seems now, that country no longer needs me .

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piyer said...

Caste based reservations in the private sector would be a very, very bad thing... surely, there are better ways to help people out of poverty than to pre-reserve jobs for them in the private sector too, regardless of performance!! My intent to R2I has always been strong...compulsive, almost... but things like this are real wet blankets...