Sunday, October 15, 2006


I still remember the days she used to come to me running
A spring in her step, love in her eyes, her pigtails dancing
Ten long years I have loved her , and vice versa
I owe her much , into my life she brought fun and harsha

Iam an average poet , no homage to her this lousy work of art
How to eulogise her , She who is the queen of my heart
If there is a God, and he would grant me one more life
Nothing I would ask for , but to look at her day and night

What do you like most about her , people often ask me
Who am I to pick and choose, from one God created in his beauty
Her winning smile, lovely face , the cute dimple on her cheek
Her slender limbs, lowered eyes, from whence she gives me a peek

In politics our views are different, differences none too slight
She is wedded to the left , Iam uncompromisingly far right
I enjoy the arguments we have , and so does she I declare
The hotter the arguments , the closer the bond we share

Her ready wit attracts me much, who can but remember forever
Her crystal clear laughter, like the twinkling sound of water
I could like this go on and on,everyone who knows us would aver
If this be love sickness, who would wish to be cured ever

Promised to me by tradition, put in my hands by Fate kind,
She is my "mura pennu", mere mama ki ladki, do you mind
Never would have thought , I could love her more and more
Love increases day by day , who am I to keep score

Her thoughts steal into my mind unbidden, every moment of every day
She comes to me in my dreams every night, in the morn drifts away
Oh God, for this precious gift ,every moment of my life, I thank thee
For her who knows all my faults, still has the heart to love me

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