Friday, October 06, 2006

Ever Forward Comrades

An ode to el Che ( whose Death anniversary falls on Oct 9th )

Very many years ago , we started this fight
Deep rooted injustices, we decided to set right
The path wouldnt be easy , we knew all along
We had swords in our hands,our lips had a song

We have won many battles, the war isnt yet over
Suffered many losses, the worst still waits yonder
Right is on our side, The truth is our shield
Though might and wrong come hand in hand ,we will not yield

What can the enemy give us worse than Death
Dying in glory , is better than living by stealth
What have we to lose except slavery and chains
Give up freedom and honour, and what remains

Stand tall upon the battlements and cry out thus
You can kill us but will never defeat us
United we stand , and though we number ever so small
The mightiest army facing us, will see us and pall

I have done my part , given my all and more
Let fresh blood now come, take the place of one so sore
This is no time for weeping, no time to mourn
Remember ,It is always darkest before dawn

Take care brothers, do not be led astray,
The path is narrow, our goal still far away
I now bid my farewell, carry on without me
Do not cry, do not mourn till we achieve Victory


El Chancho :) said...

The righteous guns will still boom,
Lady Death, Thou shalt be her groom.

For reasons, beyond reason,
We fight on against this unholy treason.

Amidst the profusion of myriad kailedoscopic cornucopia,
Thou shalt find my Utopia.....

El Che rocks !!

Sachin R K said...

So does el Chancho :)))