Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A General and His Conscience

An imaginary conversation between Gen Musharraf and his conscience ( Assuming always that the tin pot dictator who is the self proclaimed Ataturk of modern times has one )

Gen Musharraf: Guess what? We are now victims of terror alongwith India.
His Conscience: Hats off to you , dude
GM: That was a neat piece of work , if I do say so myself. Really pulled the wool over Mannu's eyes.
HC: Those Indians are suckers anyway. But how do you propose to rein in the ISI. What about if the Indians give you a proof of some impending terrorist attack?
GM: Dont worry. If I get any such proof, I will be immediately on the phone to the ISI to postpone the attack so our poor jihadi brothers are not caught.
HC: You really do think of everything dont you?
GM: Ahem , ahem , I try to do my best. Speaking of which I am thinking of some initiatives to make Pakistan a world power in IT/ BPO , try and emulate India's success.
HC: You know we should stick to what we do best. Indians excel at IT/BPO , leave them to do it. We on the other hand are rated the world over for churning out highly motivated , highly skilled terrorists...
GM: You do have a point...You know something? The Library of The US Congress is highly overrated.
HC: How so?
GM: They claim to be the largest library in the world. But I didnt find a single copy of my autobiography 'In the Line of Fire' there?
HC: Did you check the Fiction / Fantasy category dude ?!?


Mosilager said...

Musharraf specialises in IT across the border - International terrorism LoL.

Sachin R K said...

Very true Mosilager :)