Friday, October 20, 2006

The Happy Philosophers

You are alive and surrounded by friends
For this alone give to God your thanks
You are lucky , there were many better
Who are dead now , you get chance another

Be cheerful buddy ,always have a smile to spare
watching you another might be lifted from his despair
Your smile brings joy, lightens up his heart
The Circle of Happiness joins people far apart

So this day bid farewell to your worries
No more drowning in your own miseries
And when you can see no light at the end
Say, "This too shall pass" and disbelief suspend

If sorrow does bring a frown to your brow
Just think what it will mean to you tomorrow
Not much , I can guarantee, for this is how it goes
What we worry now, means less and less as time flows

This is the secret to a life lived well
On yesterday's heartbreaks do not for long dwell
Aye , we are always singing , this Band of Brothers
No wonder they call us The Happy Philosophers

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