Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Planned Sick Leave

Planned Sick Leave ( an oxymoron if ever there was one - can oxymorons be phrases or only single words , lets leave that for another post ). How do you plan a sick leave? ( That thunder rumbling in the clouds tells me Iam going to have fever Monday , and so be unable to come to work ). Now you see a conscientious guy struggling with his conscience ( Conscience led on points in the first two rounds, but past experience tells the guy is going to knock out his opponent with a killer punch ).

You know you have to take leave and you are also fully aware that you have exhausted your quota of Annual Leave that your company so generously provides. What to do except to fall back on that tried and trusted friend - Sick Leave ? But can you just disappear and send a text message on the D Day saying you are sick - of course not. You cannot leave your team mates holding the bag like that. So you need to tell them in advance that you are "planning" to fall sick on such and such date

Which leads me to the events that triggered this train of thought. Oct 2nd is Gandhi Jayanthi and Oct 4th is likely to be Karnataka bandh. What more auspicious time to fall sick than Oct 3rd?


Krishna said...

That's unfair to the other ppl who have to be in the office to make up for your absense. & That's why the company needs to be sensible, like our company. Holiday declared for 3rd & 4th. ;)

Nagaraj said...

It seems to be Author this article Inspired by my thinking and wrote these wonderful lines.
Because I have already planned for a Seak Leave on october 3rd.

Lage raho Sachin...,