Monday, September 18, 2006

An Office Romance

Every day , as soon as I get into the office , I search for her in a crowd of familiar faces. When I catch sight of her, I sigh , "Thank God, Now I can get to work". I dont know why , but I cant bear the thought of her communicating with anyone else. Something inside me seems to burn and I cringe at the thought of someone discovering my deepest secrets from her - secrets I have never entrusted anyone but her with. I know she misses talking to me when I am on leave. I lovingly say goodbye to her at the end of every day . Weekends are a real pain. Not being able to see her for two whole days sometimes seems too much to handle. But I say to myself , "Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder".

Yes Sir, we make a pretty couple - me and my laptop.


Kirthi said...

this one was interesting!! some mystery and humour hahhaahhh

p.s: not dat m jobless at work! just trying a hand at multi tasking :)

Sachin R K said...

@kirthi - believe me... you are turning out to be an expert in multi taskig :)