Monday, September 18, 2006

Swargathile Leela Vilasangal

Wouldnt Life be Grand if you were born a God? I wonder how one applies to be one? Is there a rigorous Entrance exam or is it by draw of lots? Since anyway there are thousands of Gods, one more or less probably wouldnt make any difference. Does anyone know if they do a Assembly roll call every morning just to make sure no intruder has gained admittance.I wonder how the Gods address each other - by name ( not practical when you need to remember thousands even without counting for the different names for each avatars ) or by number ( hey number 2385 - some minor God, no 3 - Brahma wants you to go and clean his room ) . Surely there would be caste system even among Gods - numbers 1 to say 99 lording over all, numbers 100- 999 being the 2nd class gods , courtiers, jokers, Apsaras etc and the rest doing the menial tasks. Of course even Gods would need servants to do all the chores ,cleaning , washing etc. They being up in the vaccum, there wouldnt be any power sockets to plug in any electrical equipment , would there?

And if we could gain admittance to Indra's court , what fun hey? Drinking wine all day watching the Apsaras dance - do you suppose they still do only the traditional numbers like Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi etc or would they have learnt faster numbers now . Surely Narada would have told them about the latest developments in the music world - jazz, rock , hard metal etc that he must have come across while he was travelling the world stirring up trouble everywhere. And would he have traded in his old Sitar for a Bruce Springsteen guitar.

You hear about Vishnu and all his avatars but what about Indra? Being King of the gods surely he would have come down once or twice. Just wondering if he is among us right now - maybe as Kunhalikutty or P J Joseph ( BTW ,Is cross religion avatharing allowed - otherwise there is always Neela Lohithadasan Nadar).

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piyer said...

Heh Heh :-)! The "cross religion avatar-ing" really had me ROFL ...