Thursday, September 28, 2006

God is in His Heaven ( Grateful thanks to Robert Browning for last two lines)

In the clear morning light, a bird breaks into a song
Yonder by the mountain side, rising to meet the blue sky
Faced with such magic, who can help but sing along
Supported by an unseen conductor in Divine Choreography

The mighty seas dwarf inconsequential Man
If man be so small ,of what account his worries
No matter how many footprints you leave in the sand
The silent beaches will never tell your stories

Every man has a part to play , a time to leave
Dont waste your life in frets and worries
Time is precious, seconds slipping through the sieve
When tis time to exit, futile wishing to change histories

Sing through your life , drunk with Happiness
If sorrow does crease your brow, wave it goodbye
Every moment spent worrying is one moment less
Sand slipping through the glass, and its time to die

Death in the end is a small price to pay
For all I have had, and all I will ever hold
Yea it must be, God is in His Heaven
And all is right with the World

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