Thursday, September 28, 2006

Judge Me Not

I started this journey , all spruced and smart
Expected Life to return in kind
A smiling mask hides my grieving heart
Saddened by a thousand cuts unkind

Buffetted this way and that by Fate, ignored by Chance
Still proudly I say ,"I may break, but will not bend"
I have repented for all wrongs , done my penance
Only one regret , this way it had to end

My eyes have seen all they wanted to see
Betrayed by my own, swept aside by the flow
The Day of Reckoning comes nearer, beckons me
No one to cry over me , neither friend nor foe

The choice of my End, is in mine own hands
No Angel of Death will come , claim me for his own
Sword in hand, I shout my Defiance
Its the time for action, not to mourn

I have drunk my fill from the Cup of Life
Have made good over all I pledged
Let me say now my farewell to all this hate and strife
Judge Me Not that Ye be not Judged

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