Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To My Valentine

The Concept of Love at First Sight
Was something I mocked Day and Night
Tis was something shallow to the core
Like watching a play ,shouting 'Once More'

And then I saw Her, and knew at once
I had been wrong, nothing more than a dunce
She had the eyes of a deer, an angelic smile
To make Her mine, would have walked many a mile

A gentle voice reminded me , whispered in my ear
I was promised to One, She betrothed to another
Judge me not , my friends, I am faithful to Mine
Still, who couldnt have looked at her in wonder, but a swine

You are my Valentine, you know who you are
Accept me now ,or leave on my heart a scar
I know you have my number, a missed call will suffice
Know this,am waiting for your call, this of all nights


Kirthi said...

hey .... well written!! nice to see... read ur blogs!! so u finnaly have somethings happening dat inspired u to write :P

redwaterstew said...

dude hope u get that call after such a tender request

Sachin R K said...

@kirthi - two pegs of vodka with soda and lime inspired this masterpiece :P

@redwaterstew - nary a ring , buddy :)

Risha said...

Did you get the call ?