Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Swansong of a Loser

I look back and have nothing to call my own
Nothing to show , nothing to mark my time here
The hand was won,the finishing line was so close
Waste not your precious tears on a loser's loss

I feel the darkness closing in on me, no hope to spare
Reach out blindly for the bottle , drive out the despair
Know this is no solution ,but the time's over to make a stand
Numbing my mind's still better than dying by mine own hand

Think not of me too harshly, my darling, I love you still
I gave my best, just wasnt bold enough to fit the bill
I just wish I had the courage to speak out,make you mine
I know I have lost you ,only wish to hold you one more time

To the one who meant to me the most, only this I have to say
The curtain is coming down, for this life was just a play
Not your fault you never did realize, I played what part
My laughter was just to drown out my loud ,sobbing heart

I made light of your fears, the price I pay now is just
Never realized the hurt I was causing you, Iam indeed accursed
I love you baby, only never could tell you in so many words
These words you read , are that of a loser signing off

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