Friday, February 16, 2007

An Evening With The Gods

So there I was , sitting in the park one dusky evening
When who should come along , but the Three Greats beaming
Vishnu was the first, then Shiva , Another One of the Holy Trinity
Brahma came last with his four heads,though I could see just three

I got up from the bench, greeted them with hands folded
They stopped in surprise - though they be Gods - were jolted
Vishnu asked, "Why do you greet us in this fashion, O Stranger"
I said, "How can I remain seated in such holy company, my Father"

Shiva said, "You must be wise indeed to recognize us, Vatsa"
I replied , "In truth, my Lords it was easy, needed but little chutzpah
You O Shiva with the snake around the neck, Vishnu with his chakra and mace
And you O Brahma, with the multiple heads were the easiest to place"

Brahma smiled and said, "It is well indeed that we meet one so wise,
Perhaps he can solve our problem, which does vex us day and night
Listen to me carefully , for I speak softly and speak but once
Among the Three , tell us who is The Greatest , who the Dunce"

I spoke ( hands still folded ), in tones plaintively
"If it be Chhoti Munh Badi Baat* do forgive me
But if I must judge, tell me what qualifies each of you best
Alphabetically Brahma, you go the first , before the rest"

Brahma spoke up, all three pairs of lips moving in sync back and forth
( Because he was facing me , I still could not see the fourth)
"Iam the Creator, the Giver of Life, from me the Vedas sprung
Who can doubt my Greatness, for I gave Man Wisdom and spunk"

Scarcely had He stopped, than Shiva grabbed the imaginary mike
I stepped back, for his snake was swirling like a wind tossed kite
"I Destroy all evil, put even Indra, King of the Gods in his place
And if you doubt me, I will open mine Third Eye, clear your haze"

Not to be outdone, Vishnu continued from where Shiva left off
"This my Sudarshana chakra can cut the wicked, while they do laugh
Vettu onnu muri randu as the saying goes in Kerala land
Meaning 'One Cut Two Wounds' , transalated for the Malayalam challenged"

I listened to the Divine voices enthralled, the time for judgement was nigh
"Truth be told , you are all neck and neck( no pun intended , Brahma Sire)
Why this childish competition, O Wise Ones, of Who be the Master
Who can compare Fire and Water, or the Earth for that matter."

Listening to this, Maha Vishnu's lips parted in a smile
(Though for Brahma and Shiva to catch on , it took a while )
"My dear Narada, I would have recognized you anywhere
Let us return to Heaven, for long we have missed you sore"

*Small Mouth Big Talk


stayingpositive said...

Hilarious ! Very imaginative - loved the ending about the main character being Narada :)

Sachin R K said...

@stayingpositive - :)))