Friday, February 09, 2007

Stop Bathing Dude

Ever found yourself facing a date and no time to take bath. So you just sprayed on your favourite deodrant. Well, you just broke Rule No 1 of the Modern Day kamasutra.

For all those would-be lovers, never quite able to attract the fairer sex, heres some good news to attract their attention err nose. Read on.

Come to think of it, this is not just good news for all those jilted guys, but may also hold the key to solve water disputes like Cauvery, Mullaperiyar etc.

Food for Thought : Was this study sponsored by the Govt of Tamil Nadu?

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Panther said...

Am curious to know whether the study holds good for the fairer sex too who tries to attract the opposite sex.Then I totally agree that all water disputes in the world would come to an end.Moreover,people in public places would be relieved from the scorching smells of thousands of varieties of products ranging from soaps to deodrants that they use!!!Nice post sach