Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Till Death Do Us Part

Sanjeev looked at Sandhya and smiled. Her eyes held that look of infinite tenderness. His hands caressed her, gently sliding through her tresses. "Till Death Do Us Part", he murmured gently into her ear. She smiled her agreement.Then and there Sanjeev decided that come what may, Sandhya would become his.


Sanjeev breathed a silent prayer. His mind was made up. But he would need the last ounce of his courage to do what he had decided must be done. He saw Shyam coming out of the office. That sight helped him expel the last doubts from his mind. His fingers clutched the knife he held in his right hand more tightly. He advanced towards Shyam.


Sandhya looked down at the dead body of Shyam. Her husband. She looked up at Sanjeev. His eyes had a hint of guilt.She understood. Nothing had prepared Sanjeev for what happened next. He recoiled from the sight of the hate and terror pouring out of her eyes. In that instant he realized he had lost for ever the one woman he had ever loved. How tragic that it was Shyam's death that had parted them.


The courtroom was silent. The Counsel for the Prosecution and Defence had concluded their arguments. The crowd was awaiting the judgement. Judge Sandhya pronounced : "The prosecution has been unable to prove the charges against the defendant beyond reasonable doubt.I therefore declare the defendant acquitted and order him freed with immediate effect".The courtroom erupted.


They were at Sandhya's house. She had poured him a drink of Vodka and Orange Juice , his favourite. The orange juice was sour, it had made the drink bitter. He wrinkled his lips in distaste. But at last it was all over. Sandhya still loved him. It was getting late. He could hear Sandhya as he fought the drowsiness , "Luckily , no one knew about our relationship. Otherwise I could never have tried your case. I loved you , you know. But I loved my Shyam too. Thats why I decided you will be mine. I would never give you up to the police. No, you will die by my hand, killed by the poison I have mixed in your drink".


Kirthi said...

wait... i thought u were to write humour stuff ;-) what happ to dat?!

Sachin R K said...

I intended to ...but then came aross this quote : "He who smiles all the time is an idiot " :P ...anyway this is not a tragedy. It is a Suspense/Mystery. At least it was meant to be :(

Scribbles said...

Thought u said no to tragic endings some time ago :(

Kirthi said...

oh i understand so it was d quote dat made u write like this! :P!

it was gud :-)

Sachin R K said...

@scribbles - Guess old habits die hard. But I think it is finito for tragic endings on this blog. This is it.

@kirthi - Thanks :)))

Seema said...

My first time here..will surely come for more!
Great sudden twist at the end..so much unexpected!

b v n said...

cmon guys this is not tragedy...its a graphic novel....and a good one !

silverine said...


Anurag said...

ur stories are really nice yaar

Sachin R K said...

@seema - Thanks a lot :)))

@bvn - Thanks bvn. Needed that :)

@silverine - Gee Thanks !!!

@anurag - Thanks a lot buddy :)