Monday, December 04, 2006

God Has a Sense of Humour

Our hero was a quiet chap, a real romantic at heart
He was but Average looking , and not quite so smart
Believe you me, when I say it was Love at First Sight
Into his Dark world, had come this Goddess with Light

Now Our Hero was shy, one who used his tongue but to taste
He gaped at her, and stared, but didnt show any haste
One month passed, and one more , and still he pined
Watching her talk to others,jealousy on his heart dined

At last he mustered the courage, asked her out
She said sorry , but her brother had the gout
He offered his sympathies, suggested a doctor
She kept a straight face, nearly dying of laughter

Not one to take this setback lying down
Our Hero was ready to fight for the crown
For her Love was the prize he held dearest by Far
More than gold, more even than steak done medium rare

He had his plans ready - a resourceful chap - was this bloke
A candlelight dinner , then drop to his knees and, propose
Accordingly he told her "This Place I know , is the in thing"
She said, "Cmon buddy cant you guys just take a hint"

But let me end this tale, on a Note of Happiness
Its been said God's partial to fools and idiots
She stumbled on his blog, was fascinated by his sonnets
They have been married three years now, raising the triplets.


Anonymous said...

this place i know is the in thing :)

Sachin R K said... !!! Didnt think anyone would pick that up :)