Friday, December 22, 2006

A New Year Resolution For Mr Big Mouth

Mr Big Mouth.A name given to me by a close friend recently ( We shall call that friend X for the purpose of this post ).And I am ashamed to admit, I deserve that name. Mesmerised by the sound of mine own voice ( no sin, when blessed with such a divine voice and keen intellect to boot, one might argue :P ), I have been guilty of speech without thought.

"C for Control", was my classmate Liju's formula. I have been sadly remiss in following this excellent advice.Its one thing to be funny , quite another to be cruel.

I resolve above all to follow this quote, in letter as well as spirit:

"When someone blushes with embarrassment, when someone carries away an ache, when something sacred is made to appear common, when someone's weakness provides the laughter, when profanity is required to make it funny, when a child is brought to tears, or when everyone can't join in the laughter, it's a poor joke"
Cliff Thomas


b v n said...

Cliff Thomas sucks ! whoever he is. btw me too face the same situ once in a while. its good to be silent once in a while :)

Anurag said...

dont be silent....enjoy ur voice.....that is the best thing that one can do.....but then do let others speak too ;o)

silverine said...

Pruning and cutting yourself and trying to shape yourself on someone's comments and observation is not a good idea. Unless you feel the comment was warranted.

That apart, no new posts?

Nariyal Chutney said...

Who is Cliff Thomas? Seems like a totally screwed up guy from the quote :P

Sachin R K said...

@bvn - Very true :)))

@anurag - only talkative with people I know really well. so no problem with others getting their chance to speak ;)

@silverine - yep , who would have thought. Even geniuses like me have the odd chink in their armour :P. Was in Kerala for a l-o-n-g Christmas break to get mentally recharged :)

@nariyal chutney - personally I liked the quote :P...dont know much about Cliff Thomas other than the quote