Saturday, December 02, 2006

The End of Tragedy Inc

Enough of tragedy , they cried. Why so much death, they asked? What could I say in response but this: "A true poet ( ahem, ahem) cannot but follow life. Life is not all hunky dory, in case you didnt notice. For those of you lucky enough to be alloted shares in the IPO of Utopia Co Pvt Ltd, its easy to say 'Be Happy'. For the rest of us, its not quite so straighforward". And so went my arguments. Enough to convince the most thick headed, you would have thought. But what place for arguments when emotions rule the roost. ( sighhh )

For the past few days , my Inbox has worn the look of a battlefield. I fought on gamely ,with only the strength of my convictions to egg me on. And would have gone on fighting till the end, if I had not been felled by a Brahmastra. Note how low the followers of Happiness can stoop to achieve their ends. They threatened to spam my Inbox with discount offers for books like "Learn to be Happy in 7 days", "Why Cry when you can Smile", "Be Happy or be Damned" , etc ( Gasp ! Gasp ! ) . I could have gone on fighting but my Will was broken. I then went ahead with the only option left before me. I pleaded for mercy and threw up my arms in surrender.

The terms of my surrender were such that would put The treaty of Versailles to shame. The salient features are given for your reference:

a)This treaty to be henceforth known as "The Terms of Agreement for the Dissolution of Tragedy Inc" and to be referred to as "The Treaty" hereafter.

b)The salient features of "The Treaty" to be provided on the blog of the CEO of Tragedy Inc.

c)Sachin to resign as CEO of Tragedy Inc ( after filing for protection under the Bankruptcy Act)

d)No new sob stories to be written by Sachin ( Clause 9.1.4-a provides for sad stories to be written during periods of extreme morbidness , provided the frequency of such does not exceed one every three months ) p.s : The old sob stories will still be readily accessible under the Label : "Short Story".

e)Sachin to listen to "Dont Worry Be Happy" every morning for 15 minutes ( Sob !!!!! )

The headline writers had a field day. "Tragedy King pleads for mercy", went one. "Sachin promises to laugh", screamed another.

As proof of my changed colours, I offer you the following story:

A Happy Story

Once upon a time there lived a young prince. He grew up into a charming young man. In due course he fell in love with a beautiful princess. After the usual love affair, they got married, had dozens of children and lived happily ever after .


silverine said...

The short story was hilarious!!! Lived happily ever after I believe...soo funny!!!!


Sachin the Tragedy King's fan following weep and wail and gnash their teeth in cold turkey while Sachin the Humor Blogger's fan following rise in a mexican wave to pay obeisance to their king!!!

Charmed as usual by my comment...I am sure :))

Sachin R K said...

@Silverine - The charm's wearing pretty gotta work harder :PPP

The Tragedy King is desperately looking for loopholes in the agreement. May the Good Lord have mercy on your miserable souls.

b v n said...

hehe....good to know they lived happily ever after with dozens of children...the happy junta must be reely happy with the blogger.

btw there is scope for tragedy in humour too..write some supposedly good humour ..nobody laughs...

Sachin R K said...

bvn...would love to...but need real talent for that :(

Kirthi said...

good one! happy story.... dat seems more like a fairy tale :-)

as always enjoyed reading it!

Sachin R K said...

@kirthi :))) I know now who to give as a reference if ever I apply for a literary job .