Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quiz Prelims at the Office

Today we had our Quiz Prelims at office. Teams of 3 had to answer questionairres of 20 questions. The top 6 teams to be announced on Monday ( Jan 29th ) will qualify for the Quiz final on Feb 1st.

We reached the venue with some trepidation. We were cheered considerably by the fact that there were only around 25 odd teams participating. This made our chances of qualifying roughly 25% Ceteris Paribus ( all else being equal). Our hopes rose higher when we saw the questions. Dead easy. Finals , here we come.

'The first male model for Christine Dior', went one question. David Beckam, we cried. One guy hesitated, 'Could it be Zidane'? Nahh, we shushhed him. Next question was about a Microsoft Windows game that had the word 'hearts' two times in the clue. We weren't going to be taken in by that , were we. We opted bravely for 'Solitaire'. "What is one followed by hundred zeroes", went the next question? Google ,cried three voices frantically, each trying hard to be a hoarse whisper unable to be heard over the next table. The last question was "What is Japanese for one"? Uno , cried one. When another looked unconvinced , he was asked, "Come on , havent you heard of Fiat Uno?".

We were out in five minutes, confident we had got all 20 correct and merrily counting away our chickens before the eggs had even been laid. We were going over the questions , when I had a sinking feeling in my stomach , 'Wasnt Google derived from Googol which meant one followed by a hundred zeroes' ( whoever needs that many zeroes anyway). Another piped up , "Uno is Spanish, Ichi is one for Japanese ". Reached office and Googled ( not Googoled ) for Christine Dior. It had been Zidane after all. The icing on the cake came when the Microsoft Windows game turned out to be Hearts.

From sure finalists to nervous would be qualifiers, the fall was a hard one. Well time or rather Monday will tell . Not too bad though, we did get 16 right.

p.s: This was not however, the high point of the day. In office , I had this conversation with a colleague.

Colleague: So , Sachin, which events are you participating in for the Sports Day?

Self: Badminton, TT and Chess.

Colleague: But , but dont you have to be intelligent to play chess?

Self : Speechless

On that lost-for-words note, I sign off.


Panther said...

You are becoming too predictable and consistent -your ex Quizmates

Sachin R K said...

Sorry to disappoint my ex Quizmates , but this time I actually qualified for the finals. :PPPP The results have just been announced. Yipppeee.

Anurag said...

man u into quiz...i quizzed in 5th standard [:)]
neway all the best for monday

n the colleague comment...take it as a compliment :P

Sachin R K said...

@anurag - not a very serious quizzer. In the finals . The Finals are on Feb 1st.

And reg quizmates comment - they were just pulling my leg and I pulled theirs in turn :)) Its all good.

Anonymous said...

Very good blog and very good responses to comments as well.