Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dont Think Dont Think

The Idle mind is your worst enemy, thinking pitiful thoughts
Insidious it is , breaking you from within, making you nought
Just one way to escape , be busy, no time to think
Leisure is a fool's choice, only fools stand and blink

Dont lose a moment, dont worry about the Why and the How
Every minute is precious, the best of your life starts Now
Dont pine over your losses, time spent pining is lost forever
Get up , start moving,you must realize its now or never

Life will hand you lemons, remember it was never fair
No use complaining, all you got was your due share
You have your chance, do not sit and on failures dwell
Like the wise man said, the best revenge is to live well

The past is past, thinking about its not gonna help
Seize the moment, swallow all your sorrows in one gulp
Dont blame Destiny , Its not Karma, no such thing as Fate
Because Life is What you make it, the sooner you realize the better mate


silverine said...

I agree cent percent. Good one!!

reetuashwin said...

I Agree with Silverine...

Almost everyone thinks 'all of these' you have stated in the Poem.
But the Addiction to Mourn, is Strong...

Good & Wise One.Sachin...

Sachin R K said...

@silverine - Thanks

@reetu - Thanks reetu. And henceforth, you may address me as Buddha, the Enlightened One :P

reetuashwin said...

ninaipu thaan polapa kedukumam...

;).. Another tamil Slang...

it means the aftermath of real story "counting chickens before they hatch".. (dont think too much kidding way ;))