Friday, April 18, 2008

Sachin ban gaya Fillum Writer

Bollywood sighs with relief. At last, the young and upcoming director Salil has finished his first directorial venture. Running to thunderous applause and critical acclaim in packed cinema houses and film festivals across the country, I can proudly say the film is based, albeit loosely, on my story

For those of you unable to wait for this classic to come to a theatre near you, shout "3 cheers to Youtube" and wade in.

P.S: This post is more than 4 months late. Just so you know, I became famous a lot earlier than you people think ;)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Oru Gulf Katha

After a long break , I am back to the world of blogging. Let me warn
you however, that unlike Adoor Gopalakrishnan, a long break in my case
does not necessarily guarantee a classic. Quite a lot of water has
flown down Mahe puzha since I last graced blogworld with words
from my immensively creative literary mind. ( Thank God for small
mercies - the passage of time has brought forth no reduction in the
swelling of the head ).

Last time I wrote , I was in Bangalore. The times - they have a
changed and now I am in that parudeesa of all true blood
Malayalees - the Gulf. To be more precise - Qatar , that blessed
sunlit land , where the only thing you see on all sides is sand, sand
and still more sand , and nary a drop of thirst quencher except good
old H2O.

In the hotel room, I was browsing through the various TV channels and
what do I see on Star Plus but an ad for that magnus opum - Kyunki
Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thhi
. Mock me not, when I declare these guys
deserve an award or something. Its been so long and still Saas
Abhi Tak Mari Nahin
. Ramanand Sagar ji , this is the
original epic.

Lets keep this post short and sweet. Its more a reminder to myself of
the bunch of desparate people out there waiting with bated breath for
my next post. Rest assured guys, your prayers havent fallen on deaf

As 21st century Robert Browning would say:
Sachin's writing posts again
God's in his heaven
All's right with the world

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

India - A Study In Contrasts

I had occasion to read two posts recently - posts written by two friends , one on how Indians compare to the western 'developed' world , the other on the tragic happenings in our underbelly , something all of us conveniently prefer to ignore. The two posts provide the perfect answer to why India can never be uniformly developed , why the gap is just too great - between a middle class looking to the west , criticising the poverty , the dirt , all that we *know* is wrong with our country - and the truly under privileged , whose story we just dont bother to hear.

We ( I count myself amongst the cursing middle class ) , prefer to gripe about the system , about why the buses dont run on time, how the garbage is never collected, why the politicians are so corrupt, how the whole system is wrong etc etc. And the rationale for all this criticism ? We are tax paying citizens, and have a right to determine how our hard earned money is spent. Spare a thought for our fellow citizens, who never had a decent meal , no proper health care facilities, in fact arent even educated enough to protest , like the rest of us civilized folks.

Next time you see that potholed road and open your mouth to complain, spare a thought for this gentleman. His breed proves the saying, 'Hands that serve are holier than hands that pray' (or complain!!!).

Saturday, July 28, 2007

When Two Become One

Its a small step for a man
(Three rounds around a fire to be precise)
But a giant leap in his life

Goodbye to the good old days
Staying awake at night , pandering a thirsty throat
Sleeping the hangovers off in the morning
Swearing things couldnt get any better in life

The old was good, but the new is better
Divine Conductor, keep the music flowing

(p.s : The wedding snaps will be up on the web just as soon as I can get the idiot photographer to replace the photo CDs he gave me of someone else's marriage)